Get tweens off screens and having fun in the real world

holiday club

“Give your pre-teen every opportunity to practice their growing independence”

It’s kids club… but different!  Holiday childcare reimagined, exclusively for tweens!

Are your children getting too old for traditional holiday clubs, yet not ready to be left alone?  Kids in need of more independence & autonomy?  Tween parent… we got you! The Tween Tribe was formed exclusively for these in-between extraordinaires!  Join a kids club like no other.  Boutique, excursion only, exciting London adventures to keep your tween safe, happy, off their screens and having the time of their lives in the real world!  

Ages 10-13 only!


London is bursting at the seams with amazing things to do and we know exactly where to go!  

Trips departing from Kingston, Twickenham Ealing Broadway & London Waterloo.  Contact us for other pick-up points + free trips for local reps. 




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Why Choose Us?

Our mission? Unplug, explore, and unleash the adventure! We’re not just a holiday club; we’re a gateway to independence and excitement for tweens in London. Here, it’s all about providing that perfect balance – more independence, more fun, and, of course, more adventure! We believe in fostering their autonomy while ensuring their safety every step of the way. From fighting VR dragons to go-karting and cable cars, we have trips to suit every taste.  It’s a place where tweens can spread their wings, explore new horizons, and make incredible memories. And yes, parents, you can count on us to keep a watchful eye on their adventures! 👀 Welcome to a space that celebrates tweens in all their amazingness – join us in giving them the freedom to thrive, the space to explore, and the support to grow Let’s banish the tech time, dive into real-world wonders, make friends, and create epic experiences together!

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