Another Dimension

2 NOV: Immerse yourself in London's most unusual adventure! Virtual reality escape rooms at the iconic Battersea Power Station and Uber boat ride home. This is such a fun day!

Embarking from Twickenham.  Contact us for a Richmond & London Waterloo pick up 

We head to Battersea Power Station, one of the world’s most iconic buildings, after a picnic by the river,  prepare to have your mind blown as you get transported into a wholly immersive world...


Journey through an incredible universe in this reality and beyond at  London’s first  fully immersive VR escape rooms.   Virtual reality takes escape rooms to another level. Instead of a small physical room you will explore massive virtual worlds with no boundaries or rules while your search for clues turns into an unforgettable adventure.  The only limit is your imagination.

Fight a dragon, survive the zombie apocalypse, swim with a whale –  the virtual world is your oyster!

You and your team will be guided through the session by an expert VR Master who is there to help every step of the way.  

After a unique experience we have some chill time as we travel by uber boat enjoying a unique view of riverside London.

The kids have spoken!

A few kids reviews from our SOLD out season

All you need to know!

  • Meet at 11.35am outside TWICKENHAM station at the wooden benches.  We will catch the 1143 train to London.  Look out for the red baseball caps
  • Joining at Richmond?  Please contact us.  This must be confirmed in advance.
  • Meet us at 11.35 outside next to Coffee Gourmet inside Richmond station entrance
    We will catch the 1149 train, joining the Twickenham group on the train.
  • Waterloo group.  Meet us next to the Windrush Monument statue.  We will arrive at 12.16 and will come straight to meet you.
  • The Richmond group will be met by the Tween Tribe helpers (one of our seasoned and amazing 16 & 17 year olds).  Note - your child will be covered by the The Tween Tribe insurance when they  join the main group on the train.  They are not covered during the short distance walking from the meeting point to the train with the helper.
  • We travel by boat, train and tube.  
  • Zip card is the easiest and cheapest way to travel.  
  • These need to be ordered in advance
  • Cards can be ordered here (age 11+) or here (age 10)
  • If you are 10 travel is free with a zip but you will need £3.65 on your card for the uber boat
  • If 11+ cards should be topped up to at least £11 to cover train, tube + boat

No Zip card?  Don’t worry.  

Please purchase your child a junior day travel card from the station on the day of travel AND an uber boat ticket which needs to be purchased in advance

  • uber boat ticket can be purchased here
  • you willl need a single junior trip  2 November  Battersea Power Station to Southbank
  • uber tickets are digital, your child can have it on their phone or you can send to us if they don't have a phone on the trip.  
  • All belongings in a backpack we need to be hands free
  • Picnic lunch and snack (no nuts!)
  • Water bottle
  • zip card or travel card (see travel section for details)
  • comfy shoes for lots of walking.  Must be easy to take on and off.  
  • warm clothes.  We will picnic outside by the river and it will be chilly
  • Please do not bring valuables.  We will do all possible to keep your belongings safe but cannot be held responsible for lost phones or valuable items

Parents will be part of a whatsapp group and will receive regular updates, photos and an accurate return time.

Parents have the option of following us on Life360 where you can track our whereabouts during the day.   You will be sent a code to join our circle.  

How to join:  Download life360  Tap on the Circle Switcher at the top of the screen. Tap on 'Join a Circle' Enter your invite code and tap 'Submit'.  You will need to share your location and will be able to see the location of the tribe! 

Both groups will be deleted at the end of the day.  

  • we aim to return around 330/4pm at Waterloo and 4.30pm at Richmond/Twickenham
  • Parents will receive a WhatsApp message with the exact arrival time
  • We cannot control train delays, weather or other factors effecting travel times but parents will be kept informed


No.  The bookings are private to The Tween Tribe: Even with other customers at the venue you will never play with strangers.  We will be in 2 groups 

Yes.  Each person will have their own private booth with a headset, you will meet and communicate with your teammates in the virtual world.  There will be a max of 6 people in each game. We will have 2 teams playing different games simultaneously.  

This is  teamwork, you and your group will need to decide on the game you play.  The game is played together.

Yes, with your permission only.  Please message us if your child has permission to walk home alone

  • We can help!  If you are unable to collect your child  please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements to get your child home safely
  • Additional costs may apply
  • All children will be given a red Tween Tribe baseball cap to wear whilst travelling and in crowded places.

    This allows tweens to identify each other and group leaders to easily keep track of all the tribe. 

  • A buddy system will be in place whilst on public transport which aids safer travel within the group and will give children the opportunity to make new friends during the trip too!
  • Group leaders will be at the front and back of the group to ensure everyone is where they are meant to be.   

Your child’s safety is our top priority. We are a registered company, fully insured, DBS compliant, have full training and have carried out all checks and risk assessments for each individual step of each individual activity.  A first aider is on every trip with Ofsted recognized paediatric first aid training.  Only age appropriate activities are scheduled with opt out & quiet time options for all children if needed.  Please visit the "about us" section for all information on insurance, checks, training and risk assessments. Any additional documents are available on request, please email if you still have any questions.

YES!  We have our Ealing Edition for children in the Ealing Broadway area.  We can arrange a special adventure day for a group leaving from a different area.  We can offer bespoke school discount codes  if you would like to make this opportunity available to your child's year group.  We require a minimum of 8 children for an alternative day to run.   Please get in touch to discuss.  

Unfortunately not.  Registration for childcare vouchers is only possible when the childcare runs from a fixed setting (domestic setting or a venue or community center) .  As we are solely excursion based without any fixed address we are not able to register for this service.  

Dates, prices and booking

Please register your child with the site before booking your adventure day so that we have all your child’s details.

Thursday 2 November