7 AUGUST:  An epic day out!  Did you know London has an indoor rollercoaster?  Join us for an epic intergalactic day out!  From roller coasters to arcade machines, bumper cars to outdoor splash fountains.  This day is so much fun!!

 Embarking from Ealing Broadway 

We blast off straight to Babylon Park London, a space-themed indoor amusement park!! Full of out-of-this-world adventure, super cool special effects and BIG on fun. From space roller coasters and scientific bumper cars to arcade machines and fair amusement park games – there is something for everyone!  


Looking for something with a little bit more thrill and scream factor? Make your way to the dreaded Drop Tower… You’ll ascend to the top in a glowing UFO, lights ablaze and a gentle hum… But then you’ll come hurtling down back to Earth. This ride is sure to wake you up!

After an hour of SO MUCH FUN we head to the famous Granary Square fountains to cool off and chill out.  This is hands down the BEST watery playground in London.  1080 individual jets  of water providing hours of entertainment at this wonderful urban beach. Come summer, there is no better way to spend a hot day than a visit to this amazing interactive water feature .  

This is a magical day and fun for everyone.  

All you need to know!

10.30 next to the piano at EALING BROADWAY station 

10 years old?  You will come through the barriers with us.

11+  Zip cards are cheapest and easiest.  We will travel between zone 1-3 

From Waterloo:  Junior open return:  £12.40

From Twickenham:  Junior open return:  £6.60

  • All belongings in a backpack.  We need to be hands free
  •  travel card (see travel section for details) 
  • Packed lunch & snacks - NO NUTS
  • change of clothes & towel
  • Water bottle
  • Spending money if you would like to buy an ice cream or snack

Parents will be part of a whatsapp group and will receive regular updates, photos and an accurate return time.

Parents have the option of following us on Life360 where you can track our whereabouts during the day.   You will be sent a code to join our circle.  

How to join:   You will be sent a link via the whatsapp group.  Click to join our circle.  You will need to share your location with us to see us.  

Both groups will be deleted at the end of the day.  

We aim to return around 4pm.  Timing depends on trains and other factors out of our control.  Parents will be kept informed and we will give you plenty of notice.  


  • Yes, with your permission only.  Please message us if your child has permission to walk home alone 
  • If you are unable to collect your child from the station please contact us and we will be happy to make arrangements to get your child home safely
  • Additional costs may apply
  • All children will be given a red Tween Tribe baseball cap to wear whilst travelling and in crowded places.

    This allows tweens to identify each other and group leaders to easily keep track of all the tribe. 

  • A buddy system will be in place whilst on public transport which aids safer travel within the group and will give children the opportunity to make new friends during the trip too!
  • Group leaders will be at the front and back of the group to ensure everyone is where they are meant to be.   

Yes.  We run from Kingston, Twickenham, Richmond & London Waterloo.  We can arrange a special adventure day for a group leaving from a different area.  We also offer bespoke school discount codes & free trips for local reps in new areas.  Please get in touch to discuss.  

Your child’s safety is our top priority. We are a registered company, fully insured, DBS compliant, have full training and have carried out all checks and risk assessments for each individual step of each individual activity.  A first aider is on every trip with ofsted recognized paediatric first aid training.  Only age appropriate activities are scheduled with opt out & quiet time options for all children if needed.  Please visit the "about us" section for all information on insurance, checks, training and risk assessments. Any additional documents are available on request, please email if you still have any questions.

Unfortunately not.  Registration for childcare vouchers is only possible when the childcare runs from a fixed setting (domestic setting or a venue or community center) .  As we are solely excursion based without any fixed address we are not able to register for this service.  

Dates, prices and booking

Prices exclude travel costs 

7 August