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We all know superheroes don’t always wear capes. But the founder of Tween Tribe knows tween parents deserve one.

For working parents, the holidays can always be a challenge. Balancing quality time with childcare gets tougher as the children get older – all too quickly the much-loved arts and crafts clubs can no longer accommodate them.

By the time your child reaches their early teens, it’s trickier to find age appropriate actives where they are less supervised, are more autonomous, involving much needed bigger adventures. Not only that, your tween is faced with secondary school and all the social skills needed to thrive there.  This is why I created The Tween Tribe.  A unique club keeping your tweens safe, happy, making friends, off their screens,  building confidence, exploring the real world and having the best day ever!

about The Tween Tribe


Hi.  This is Kate, founder of The Tween Tribe.

We are all the same!  We want our children off their screens, out of trouble, safe, happy, making friends and having an amazing time. 

Ticking all these boxes when your child hits the tween years is not easy!  Believe me, I’ve been there, and that’s exactly why I created The Tween Tribe!

4 Simple Steps


Amazing activities that you would never usually get to do.

No more FOMO and boredom.


Older children only and a trip to London without parents!

Everyone gets to feel a bit more grown up and independent. Nothing “babyish” here! 


Being part of a tribe, a group, a team!

No more loneliness, a chance to make friends and belong.   


Being supervised and kept safe without realizing it!

This is the important bit. The watchful eye of the leader with a million safety policies in place while they interact with the cool, fun teen helpers.

I hope to meet your lovely tween soon.  Please ask me anything!  I don’t mind, I would have loads of questions too if I was sending my child off to something new!  

They say it takes a village to raise a child, I am just so happy that The Tween Tribe can be part of that village.

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority

Your Child's Safety is Our Top Priority

The group leader on every trip has  OFSTED recognised  paediatric first aid training.  

In addition to meeting the necessary training requirements mandated by our insurers for operating a kids club, our staff members have additional expertise and training. 

Kate has additional training in health & safety, risk assessment, child safeguarding, diversity, inclusion and belonging.

Besides being a qualified paediatric nurse, Lara has additional qualifications in mental health first aid, she teaches mindfulness, puberty and health to year 5 & 6 pupils and has extensive experience with children with additional needs.  

All helpers aged 18+ have an up to date DBS check.

All group leaders have an ENHANCED DBS check 

Our company is fully insured via Morton Mitchel, leading childcare insurance specialists. 

Quality over quantity!  Small groups of up to 14 children with 2 staff members on each trip 

A full risk assessment has been done for every step on every journey for every activity.  This is in addition to the risk assessments already in place for all 3rd party activities.  

We have a rigorous recruitment process to ensure that every staff member is the best possible person for the job.  

All of the tribe wear red baseball caps when travelling.  This means we can all easily identify eachother and the leaders can do a regular quick headcount.  

We have policies in place for every eventuality to ensure your child is safe, happy and included at all times.  All policy documents are available on request.  Please email us at: hello@thetweentribe.co.uk


Kate:  Founder & Owner of The Tween TribeThe Tween Tribe is Kate’s side hustle, an idea that was formed when struggling to find appropriate childcare for her own tween. Kate’s regular job is working in the music industry, she is responsible for creating and implementing promotion campaigns for bands around the world.  She has toured extensively with artists and managed big travel parties and intricate & creative schedules.  Kate wanted The Tween Tribe to have a “Tweens on tour” feel - an experience that mirrors the excitement and thrill of a music tour, but tailored for those in-between years.

Qualificatons:  Double honors in Psychology and Drama Studies,  including child psychology and child based movement therapy

Lara:  Activity Leader.  Lara is a mother of a tween, a registered paediatric nurse since 2003 and currently works in a local independent school.  She is an enthusiastic amateur actor, loves animals and loves the sillier things in life!


Daisy (18):  Daisy is at THE BRIT SCHOOL specializing in musical theater!  Daisy is fun, talented, responsible, great with kids and knows her way around London!

Coco:  (16)  Coco babysits, is great with kids of all ages and loves drama and art.  Coco is an accomplished traveler and has been flying solo to Germany since she was 5 years old!  

Dylan (17): Dylan is an older brother, plays guitar and piano and is in a band.  He also acts and directs theater productions! 

The Tween Tribe Team