From the parents

Can’t recommend Tween Tribe Enough. Your tweens will love it!

My two daughters aged 12 and 10 absolutely loved their two day trips into London with Kate and The Tween Tribe – Living the High Life and Fall in Style. The activities that they took part in were just inspired ideas and something very different from the usual weekly summer holiday camps which my daughters had grown out of and were bored of. They ended up doing activities that I would never have thought of bringing them on and they had the time of their lives, challenging themselves and having the best experiences. Initially, I was nervous of my younger daughter going on the trips into London as she had just turned 10 but I needn’t have worried as Kate assigned the amazing Coco to her which put my mind at ease. Also Kate keeps the group small and the Tweens all wear a red baseball hat so that they can be easily identifiable. I can’t recommend Tween Tribe enough. Give it a go! Your Tweens will love it! Thank you Kate and all at Tween Tribe!  

Sarah Kinsella
A fantastic time. Thoroughly recommended!

My daughter has been on a couple of trips with Teen Tribe and both times come home having really enjoyed herself! She was a little nervous before the first trip but was soon put at ease and had a fantastic time. Thoroughly recommend!

Rachel Shore
Everything was very easy. Would highly recommend

My two children aged 10 and 13 joined Kate and her team for a day in London.  I was worried about how the day would go since it was the first time meeting but I needn’t have been.  The kids came back smiling and happy.  Everything was very easy in terms of signing up, tracking whereabouts in the day and keeping in touch with photos and messages.  Would highly recommend.

Helen Cowan
A great new business I would highly recommend.

My son and his friends had an excellent day out today with Kate and her team. A great new business I would highly recommend.

Helen King
Highly Recommended!
Highly Recommended!
Jane Gibbon
They loved being a bit more independent for a day.

My kids did one of the test days for The Tween Tribe as I helped set up the website. They went in to central London for the day and did the cable cars, river boat and trampolines. They had a great time and loved being a bit more independent for a day. They are bored of the usual kids’ clubs so this was perfect. We’ve since did one of the real days (the graffiti day) and the kids loved making their own spray paint art. Great fun!

Julie Murphy
This is such a great thing for tweens to do. I knew my daughter was in safe hands
This is such a great thing for tweens to do. My daughter has just got past the age where a holiday club excites her, but a day in London doing something exciting was beyond brilliant ! Kate’s communication was brilliant too, and I knew my daughter was in safe hands. She looks forward to coming along again.
Emma T
What a fabulous idea for tweens!

My son had such a great day out in London with Kate and her team. What a fabulous idea for tweens! The rest of our family were very jealous!

Caroline McDonald
My daughter can’t wait to try out other activities

My daughter went on the London trip with cable car, boat and O2 trampolining. She had the best time and still talks about it now ! She can’t wait to try the other activities.

Alison Edwards
Cannot recommend this enough!

My 12 year old did the ‘Fall in Style’ option a while back he still mentions how much fun he had whenever he’s reminded of it. The anticipation of queuing up, and waiting for your turn, was almost as fun as the ride itself! It’s such a fun outing, and Kate organised everything brilliantly and efficiently. Cannot recommend this enough, and he is dying to try the other ones listed here!

Darren Hughes

Let's hear it from the Tweens!

I enjoyed every single second of it

I really enjoyed this day, I enjoyed every single second of it, having fun, creating our own bathbombs,  trying out everything, they have some really cool slime.  Come to The Tween Tribe.

Advait age 12
I think everyone should do this

I loved the trampoline park because it had so many good things like the high ropes and all the different trampolines.  The whole day was such a fun thing to do.  I think everyone should do this because it’s really really fun.

Amilie age 12
This has been amazing!

Its been a great experience, I have done other summer camps but this has been amazing.  Its just different, you get to have fun instead of sticking to a rigid schedule.

Alessandro age 11
The most fun ever!

If you’re looking for the best day just come to the tween tribe, you will have the most fun ever!  I am definitely coming again! 

Emily age 10
The best day ever!

 I just want to say that this day has been the best day ever!  I really liked the trampoline park and when we were tired we could have slushies.  I really liked everything.  

I would come again, a million times yes!  I will definitely come again.

Camilla age 12
It was really cool and fun

It was really fun, the best bit was making the bathbombs, I would definitely recommend it to my friends.  It was really cool and fun, not what I expected,  I will do it again.

Milly age 12
I really enjoyed everything!

I really enjoyed everything because I get to hang out with a lot of friends and i get to do a lot of activities – it was really fun!

Max age 11
There was such a lot to do!

I really liked the trampolining and you have a lot of freewill to do what you want, and there was such a lot to do, it was nice not to be supervised every minute like it is with my parents, so I felt really free and it was great.  I loved the cable car, the boat was a really good experience.  I think it was a very active and fun day.

Zach age 12
You do things you would never usually do

I loved making the bathboms and playing in the fountains, its somewhere to have fun and get a chance to do things you would never usually do.

Iman age 11
I will come again!

I loved the trampoline and the cable car.  I liked the view of the cable car, it was a really fun thing to do and seeing all the bits of london in the boat.  I had a good fun day

Mathew age 11
A really fun thing to do

I really enjoyed today because I loved the trampoline park and hang out with my friends.  I will definitely tell my friends about this and come again

Mathew age 11
That was so much fun

That was so much fun, with so many different activities.  It was a really good day. 

Henry age 12
I will tell my friends to come.

I loved going into Lush and all the fantastic smells and games we did.  I would definitely rate the day a 10/10.  I will tell my friends to come.

Amali age 11
Everyone will really enjoy this!

I liked all the things in the trampoline park.  I think everyone will really enjoy this.

Lottie 12
It felt really special!

I really enjoyed seeing everything and having so much fun, the fountains were amazing.  My favourite bit was making the bathbombs and having so much fun with my friends.  There weren’t very many of us so it felt really special

Charlotte age 11
I will come again!

I enjoyed making the bathbombs it was so fun, we got to mix  all the colours and make tons of foam.  We got to get really wet in the fountains, I will come again and tell my friends what a fun thing it was to do.

Anneliese age 10