The Best Alternative holiday club in Kingston Upon Thames, Twickenham and Strawberry Hill

THE best alternative holiday club near Kingston upon Thames, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Richmond, Strawberry Hill and surrounding area for your teens and tweens

Holiday clubs are an excellent way to spend time with friends learning important social skills, avoiding teenage screen time and joining in with new experiences. Although it is common for teens to join a football camp or take dance lessons, The Tween Tribe offers something a little different with our high quality multi activity days out. 

All our days out have the same purpose; to provide a safe and fun environment for all children, whilst considering important mental health and physical health aspects too. 

Mental Health

We feel that the advantages of holiday clubs for teens cannot be overstated because they provide a safe place to have fun, make friends and feel comfortable. This is especially important post COVID when tweens could still be suffering from staying in which will have caused feelings of shyness, loneliness and isolation. Plus, we all know there is a big reliance on screen time around this age, which needs to be avoided due to the negative impact on both physical and mental health. 

The Tween Tribe days out will be beneficial for every teens mental health because they provide an excellent opportunity to spend time away from the home (and screens), and get away from the suburbs (without their parents). Being together in a group, doing a fun packed activity, will help ditch the feeling of having a lack of friends, build up their self-esteem and enable them to explore a bit of real life. 

The emotional life of teens and tweens is complex. Therapist John Duffy suggests that our tweens and teens are lonely and need to have opportunities to form meaningful connections with peers. Read more here.

Physical Health

Holiday clubs can offer a sense of belonging, encourage teens to be more physically active, give them opportunities to learn and develop communication skills (not just at home communicating via a headset!), make them more willing to accept new challenges, and help them to grow in confidence and independence too.

The physical health of a teen is often overlooked; they are growing and changing, and being at home during the long school holidays can make it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So, it’s time to join The Tween Tribe to banish the tech time, up the activity levels and stretch your tweens mind. Our age range is 10-13 years, but we can take older children on request.

The Tween Tribe is not just another kid’s holiday club, or like summer camps that run for a dull week – we are daring to be different with the following awesome indoor and outdoor activities on offer:

We will be Living the High Life on 3 August and 1 September with a day of thrill and chill. Jump at London’s ultimate trampoline park, sail down the river Thames and fly over the skyline.

Join us on 28 July for Let Them Eat Chocolate, a delicious day of creative chocolate making at the famous Hotel Chocolat! Followed by a picnic in a secret garden and explore Leicester Square with a fun selfie treasure hunt!

Fall in Style on the 16 August – a day for daredevils! Ride the exhilarating ArcelorMittal Orbit, swim in the Olympic Pool and play in wonderful water fountains!

I LOVE LONDON: Jump, sail and splash around the city on 31 August. High flying trampolines, chill uber boats and super fun splash fountains! This is a day for everyone!

On 20 July and 10 August, come along and Feel the Fizz at a sensational pamper day! Games, party and bathbomb making at the MOST FUN beauty store on the planet! Plus a picnic in the West End and explore the world’s biggest toy store.

Does your tween fancy themselves as the next Banksy? Let them make a splash on our street art tour and graffiti spray painting workshop, Drawing Outside the Lines, followed by chilling out in the fountains on 9 August.


Safety is paramount here at The Tween Tribe – you’ll have no worries whilst your teen is in our care:

GROUPS: Small groups of up to 10 children with 2-3 staff. Children all wear red baseball caps for identification

TRAINING: Staff are trained in health and safety risk assessment, child safeguarding, diversity, inclusion and belonging

PROCEDURE: We have policies in place for every eventuality to ensure that your child is safe, happy and included at all times (all policy documents are available to request)

FIRST AID: A certified paediatric first aider will be present on every trip

RISK: Full risk assessment has been done for every step on every journey and every activity

ENHANCED DBS: All staff 16+ have been advanced DBS checked

RECRUITMENT: We have a rigorous 4 stage recruitment process to ensure that every helper is the best possible person for the job

INSURANCE: We are a fully insured, register company


All our trips leave from Kingston upon Thames rail station so you can drop off there, or we can also pick people up on-route. We also do pickups at Waterloo station for those parents who commute to work in London. 

We have children joining us from not only from Kingston, but from Surbiton, Hampton, Teddington, Hampton Wick, Wimbledon, Twickenham, Clapham Junction, Barnes and more.

About us

Kate, the founder and summer group leader, has over 25 years’ experience of creating, managing and implementing global promotional tours with world renowned musicians. She has managed bands and huge touring parties in nearly every country in the world. Activity based travel and taking people on the road is her thing! If she can handle the antics of a famous touring band in Rio, Sydney, Singapore, Warsaw etc – she can handle your tween in London!

As a working parent, and when her daughter was a tween, Kate was completely stuck for childcare. It’s an age when they need bigger adventures with more challenges, which give them a feeling of autonomy and independence. 

So, after chatting to other harassed parents on the train to work, she realised everyone was feeling the same, had the same concerns and we all needed something extra for that age group and nothing existed. So, during lockdown, Kate finally had the time to actually create The Tween Tribe

If you have any queries, suggestions or would just like to chat please email us or fill out the contact form on our website, or simply book through The Tween Tribe website:

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